Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Management - Governing Boards


Cummings Research Park Board

The Cummings Research Park Board provides experienced, hands-on guidance for the long-term development of Cummings Research Park. With individual members representing a wide range of organizations and interests, the CRP Board is actively involved in managing all aspects of growth and development in the park.

Through its collective knowledge and expertise, the CRP Board continues to sustain the vitality that has allowed Cummings Research Park to become one of the leading research parks in the world.

Current members of the CRP Board are listed below:


Mr. Charles Grainger
CRP Board Chairman
CG Technologies


Ms. Nancy Archuleta
Retired, Mevatec (BAE Systems)


Ms. Sheila Brown
Quantitech, Inc.


Mr. Ron Gray
Thompson Gray, Inc.


Kim Lewis

Gripp Luther
Principal, Samples Properties


Mr. Mike Stanfield


Councilman Will Culver
City of Huntsville
City Council District 5


Mr. John Hamilton
City of Huntsville
Office of the Mayor


Janet Watson
Chairman, Huntsville Planning Commission
City of Huntsville


Cummings Research Park Advisory Board

The Advisory Board of Cummings Research Park includes representation from each of the companies located within the boundaries of the park. The Advisory Board allows individual companies to have a direct role in the management and development of CRP.

The Advisory Board plays an active role in the day to day management of CRP. Officers of the Advisory Board include a president, vice president, secretary, and various committees that are elected from among representatives of all CRP companies.


Design Control Committee

The membership of the Cummings Research Park West Design Control Committee is charged with reviewing the plans for all construction or exterior alteration of facilities and developments within CRP West.

The Design Control Committee is an appointed board, and included among its membership are registered professional architects, landscape architects, and engineers. The Design Control Committee coordinates with the Planning Division of the City of Huntsville to review and approve all planned development in CRP West and the Commercial District of CRP.