Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Development Opportunities - Available Sites & Pricing


Land parcels are available in Cummings Research Park according to a masterplan that was designed to provide parcels with a wide variety of size and cost. Most parcels have a generally rectangular shape and range upward in size from a minimum requirement of five (5) acres. The price per acre for each parcel is determined by its relative proximity to the major boulevards and water features.

For a color-coded version of the CRP West masterplan, complete with available land parcels and corresponding prices, please select the following link:


CRP Masterplan (PDF) »      • CRP Masterplan (JPEG) »

For an aerial map, please select the following link:


CRP Aerial Map (PDF - see page 2) »      • CRP Aerial Map (JPEG)»



Erin Koshut
Cummings Research Park Director
(256) 535-2086