Sandy Allbee

Senior Partner, President, Chief Operating & Compliance Officer

Q: Tell us about your company, BID DESIGNS.

We were established in 2006, and from the beginning, we set out to establish a proposal support model the way proposal companies should work. Every day, our employees model strong ethics, trust, and reliability. BID DESIGNS brings to our clients repeatable procedures and exquisite detail to compliance and quality.

Q: What makes your company unique in what you offer to customers?

Unique to BID DESIGNS is the way we invest in our clients year after year. The proposal industry is one that leaves buyers baffled at which way to turn. From hiring internal employees to individual consultants, many companies struggle to find the perfect balance and do what is most important – focus on the win. Proposal costs are higher than ever, and everyone knows it. Companies must bid more and do so as effectively as possible if they are to thrive and survive the increasing competitive landscape. That’s where BID DESIGNS comes in. We have set the standard for clients to consistently BID MORE, SPEND LESS, and WIN MORE. No company provided the proposal support model needed by government contractors – until BID DESIGNS.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

When I first came to BID DESIGNS, I could not believe this company existed. I can speak from experience that all government contractors need strong proposal processes implemented into their business practices. Our model was established from the buyers’ perspective from years of front-line proposal management. Every process at every turn is devised from the front line professionals that have done this for over 20 years. We get it, and our clients see that from the start. I want our clients to bid as much as they can, they can focus on what it takes to win, and we help them with everything else. Too many companies focus on everything but the evaluation criteria- they don’t win that way. With us, we help them focus on what’s most important. It is a perfect combination, and I am honored to serve our clients and watch them grow.

Q: What value do you get from your Chamber membership and HREGI investment?

BID DESIGNS is excited to support HREGI again in 2019. By looking at the incredible winning GOVCONs participating in HREGI, it is easy to see where BID DESIGNS recognizes the value of HREGI for its clients and the community as a whole. BID DESIGNS is a Huntsville success story now with a client portfolio of half its clients in other parts of the nation. While BID DESIGNS is proud to have grown nationwide, we know it all began right here in Huntsville – thanks in large part to the work of HREGI.