June 1, 2020

Web Call (June 1): Rocket City Mom & Summer Fun Guide

Stephenie Walker of Rocket City Mom talks about the website's 2020 Summer Fun Guide, just published. It's got a lot of great, affordable ideas for things to do with your family!
May 6, 2020

Web Call (May 6): Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering (ASCTE)

On May 6, Matt Massey, President of the Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering (ASCTE) and PeggyLee Wright, ASCTE Foundation's Executive Director, joined us for our daily Zoom conference call.
March 31, 2020

Born Ready: Educational resources for parents and caregivers

Born Ready was developed to empower parents and caregivers to teach their children, and that means we’ve got your back no matter what challenges arise. Having help is more important than ever as schools and workplaces are closing and families are more confined to their homes. This is an initiative of the Alabama Department of Early Childhood Education.