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Cummings Research Park Unveils New Website

Visit the all new cummingsresearchpark.com today!

By Erin Koshut & Amy Willige

This article appears in the June 2018 issue of Initiatives Magazine.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. – We’re super excited about the recent launch of the new Cummings Research Park website. The new site, cummingsresearchpark.com, acts as a one-stop shop for current companies and their employees, students, residents, and prospective industry/developers. The Cummings Research Park team worked closely with Chamber member, Crisp Communications, over the past few months to build the structure and create content for the newly designed site that is sponsored by LogiCore. The new and improved site is easy to use with bold colors, graphics, and relevant information for all of our stakeholders.

Visit the all new cummingsresearchpark.com today!

Features You Can Use

There are so many new components in this website as compared to the single webpage CRP had been using for many years. The site is designed to address four main areas:

• Showcase the story of the Park
• Feature information and activities for those currently located in the Park
• Development and leasing information for companies looking to move to the Park
• The future of the Park that features our recent Master Plan

Cummings Research Park hosts multiple events throughout the year. Whether winter, spring, summer or fall, Cummings Research Park has a variety of events open to employees and students in the Park. Through the new events calendar on the website, not only are we able to list those events that CRP hosts, but also any events or activities hosted by or located at any of our tenant organizations. Alongside the new events section, the site also features Park-related news and a section for tenant news as well.

The ‘In the Park’ section consists of a fun new amenities map, sponsored by AEgis Technologies, that offers a creative and informative look at a host of amenities all within the Park. We’re betting you’ll be surprised to learn some of these amenities exist! In the Park also features Map My Run running routes in CRP — short and long — and if walking is more your speed, these routes are great for you too.

One of the newest updated features that we love in this section is the Park tenant listing. Gone are the days of name and link only. Each company listing not only has the company name, address and website but also features a company logo, social media links, a short description of the company and a corresponding Google map. If that wasn’t enough, this part of the new website has another cool feature—a company search function with filters. Want to see only the companies in CRP East or West? Want to see companies by industry category? Want to see anchor tenants? You can do all that through the new tenant directory.

Our ‘Move to the Park’ section amplifies what we had on our previous CRP webpage. You can find Park development guidelines and information on the surrounding area, but we will also have updated information/listings for available office space for lease throughout the Park. The offices available for lease will be updated bimonthly.  And just as with our previous site, you’ll able to connect to our Park social media platforms, shoot our director an email or sign up for the CRP Connect newsletter distribution.

A company and its employees choose where and why they locate in certain areas. This new website is one of the new tools in our toolbox to bring additional functionality and value to our tenant companies’ choice to locate in the nation’s second largest research park where Innovation is our DNA and a community that is Driven by Science, Powered by People. Thanks again to LogiCore for sponsoring our site. Be sure to check out the new Cummings Research Park website at cummingsresearchpark.com.