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The Chamber conducts an annual Wage Survey for its membership each spring. The survey helps local organizations gauge their compensation against other companies in our region. In even years, the survey also includes benefit data for the same benchmarking comparisons. The survey data is valuable to companies to use as a pricing tool for bidding contracts, and, most importantly, as a human resources guide for benchmarking wage and benefit rates.


The 2019 Wage Survey Period: May 1–31



The Huntsville/Madison County Chamber offers an electronic copy of the 2019 Wage Survey at a discounted cost to participants. Survey data results are available through the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber. Please contact Lydia Pennington to obtain the 2019 Wage Survey Report.

A few important things to note:

  • The Wage Survey, administered by Horizon Point, is open for participation May 1–31. The final report will be available in July.
  • Data is to be entered online.
  • In abiding by antitrust guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, a minimum of five (5) organizations are required to respond for each data point in order for the results to be published.
  • The privacy of your compensation and benefit information remains of paramount importance to the Chamber and Horizon Point. The 2019 Wage Survey abides by the antitrust guidelines issued by the U.S. Department of Justice and the Federal Trade Commission, therefore, data will be reported in compliance with all federal regulations and in a way that ensures privacy for your company.
  • To participate, please click HERE.
  • LIST of companies participating in 2019.


The cost to obtain an electronic copy of the Wage Survey Data final report (including pdf, government contractor cut) for participating companies is $250. The cost for the electronic copy is $500 for non-participants. A printed paper copy is also available for an additional fee. Contact Lydia Pennington at lpennington@hsvchamber.org to obtain a copy of the report.

Participants Non Participants
Wage Survey Data (includes pdf, government contractor cut) $250 $500

A printed paper copy is also available for an additional fee. The cost for printing is $30.

The Huntsville/Madison County Chamber aims to provide you with relevant information you can use to manage your organization. We greatly appreciate the effort by each organization to provide timely and accurate information. We welcome your suggestions on how we can continue to improve the survey to meet your organizations' needs.


1. Please enter all data as of 01/01/2019.

2. If a question or job title/description does not apply to your company, please leave all applicable fields blank and go to the next question.

3. Report all pay rates as hourly rates, even for exempt level positions. Enter it in the form of ###.##. Do not include a dollar sign ($). Please enter percentages in the same form (###.##). Do not include the percentage sign (%).

4. Only match an employee to one benchmark job within the survey.

5. Report only data for jobs that are consistent with the job description. You will need to review all job titles before classifying jobs into one category. Please only put one job/position into one category.

As a rule of thumb, match your company's jobs with benchmarks in the survey only if the description matches the MAJORITY of what the job incumbent(s) do on the job. At least 75% of the duties assigned to the job incumbent(s) should be consistent with the description of the benchmark. If the job could be classified into more than one description contained within the survey, match the job with what the employee(s) do more of as long as it is the majority of the work they perform.

6. Report only full-time regular (non-contract or temporary) employees.

7. You do not have to enter all of the data for the survey in one sitting. YOU DO, HOWEVER, HAVE TO COMPLETE AN ENTIRE PAGE AND CLICK "NEXT" AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE IN ORDER FOR YOUR DATA TO BE SAVED.

To re-enter the survey, you will simply re-access the survey through the web link sent to you. The survey will direct you to the last completed page.

If you have questions, please contact Mary Ila Ward at miw@horizonpointconsulting.com or at 256-227-9075.

List of Benchmark Positions

PDF of all survey questions

Please complete the survey by Friday, May 31.

Thank you for your participation.



Lydia Pennington
Industry Relations Director