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Huntsville/Madison County Chamber Board approves position statement opposing proposed foreign auto tariffs

At our August Board of Directors meeting, the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber Board approved the attached position statement, opposing proposed foreign auto tariffs.  The position statement reviews the findings necessary to impose such a tariff and determines that the current situation does not meet the required threat to national security threshold.

Please read our position statement in full. 

We ask you to please contact members of our Congressional delegation and/or the Secretary of the Department of Commerce to make our voice stronger.

To reach Senator Doug Jones: https://www.jones.senate.gov/contact/email-doug
To reach Senator Richard Shelby: https://www.shelby.senate.gov/public/index.cfm/emailsenatorshelby
To reach Congressman Mo Brooks: https://brooks.house.gov/contact-me
To reach U.S. Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross: https://www.commerce.gov/form/provide-feedback-about-commercegov

Feel free to copy and paste the message below:

I am writing to express my strong opposition to the administration’s proposed additional tariffs on foreign autos and auto parts.

There is no threat to national security as envisioned in Section 232, which would justify the imposition of the proposed tariffs.

  • U.S. automotive production capacity, investment, and jobs are growing, not shrinking.
  • Tariffs on autos would undermine U.S. security by targeting some of our closest security allies and depressing the U.S. auto industry.
  • Tariffs would undermine U.S. automotive leadership and innovation
  • Section 232 tariffs on auto parts will cost U.S. jobs and would likely adversely impact the regional economy
  • Tariffs, quotas, or other import restrictions would have a devastating impact on dealerships across the United States

I ask you to do everything in your power to oppose these tariffs, which amount to no more than a tax on American consumers, families, and businesses.

I am deeply concerned about the escalating tit-for-tat trade war and the havoc it would wreak on the American economy. These actions risk stymieing the recent economic progress that was achieved through deregulation and last year’s tax reform. We cannot afford this risk.

I encourage you to do all that is within your power to oppose the proposed tariffs.