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Gov. Ivey: Huntsville Road Projects Selected for First Year of Rebuild Alabama Plan

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey speaks to members of the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber during the group's annual Montgomery Trip. (April 17, 2019/Jennifer Gordon)

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey speaks to members of the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber during the group’s annual Montgomery Trip. (April 17, 2019/Jennifer Gordon)

MONTGOMERY (April 17, 2019) – Governor Kay Ivey on Wednesday announced two major transportation projects in the Limestone and Madison county area were selected by the Alabama Department of Transportation for the Rebuild Alabama Act First Year Plan 2020.

The first project includes resurfacing and revising lanes on Interstate 565 from Interstate 65 to County Line Road to provide an additional lane in each direction through the partial use of shoulders, making it a six-lane interstate. The second project will allow for the expansion of the interchange on I-65 at Tanner and widening Browns Ferry Road to be extended westward across to U.S. Highway 31.

“While the Huntsville and surrounding areas are booming with continual economic growth, it was imperative we make enhancements to their infrastructure system for the nearly 60,000 vehicles traveling on I-565 daily. Both improvement projects will be significant strides for this area,” Governor Ivey said. “This will improve the daily commute for several thousand drivers and provide access to the new Mazda-Toyota joint assembly plant. When we began on the road to Rebuild Alabama, I promised our state would see real results, real improvements and a promising future, and we’re certainly delivering on that.”

Governor Ivey signed into law the Rebuild Alabama Act March 12, after it received overwhelming bipartisan support in the Alabama Legislature. The bill, sponsored by Rep. Bill Poole and Sen. Clyde Chambliss, gradually increases Alabama’s fuel tax over the next three years.

“I commend Governor Ivey’s leadership in passing Rebuild Alabama and her commitment to keep Alabama growing,” Alabama House Speaker Mac McCutcheon said. “Additional lanes on Interstate 565 will greatly reduce congestion and aid commerce in one of the fastest growing regions of our state. I, along with my colleagues, are pleased to see such quick returns from the Rebuild Alabama Act passing.”

Both improvement projects will greatly increase access to the Mazda-Toyota development, relieve congestion on I-565 and will help pave the way for further economic growth.

After the announcement, Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle talks with journalists about the need to widen I-565 and I-65. (April 17, 2019/Claire Aiello)

“The state of Alabama and the city of Huntsville continue to be great partners to spur growth in this area, as well as across the state. We saw it when Alabama landed the coveted Mazda Toyota joint assembly plant, and we’re seeing it today with the announcement of these two important infrastructure projects,” Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle said. “Governor Ivey has been instrumental to our recent successes, and I was proud to support her in her efforts to Rebuild Alabama. Adding lanes to this critical corridor ensures our continued economic growth.”

Gov. Ivey made the announcement on April 14 during a luncheon with members of the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber, who were visiting the capital city for their annual Montgomery Trip.

Beginning in January, state, county, and municipal governments in Alabama will begin to see additional revenue from the fuel tax increase of six-cents which begins in September. In fact, once the 10-cent increase is fully implemented in 2021, Madison County will receive an additional $3.5 million dollars and Limestone County will receive $1.27 million, on top of what they already receive, to be used for various transportation infrastructure projects.