HREGI Profile: Five Stones Research Center

Joni Green


Q: Tell us a little bit about yourself – your background, and how you got your start.

I am from the very small town of McCalla, Alabama and moved to the Huntsville area in 1998. After selling my training company and moving to Huntsville, I focused on getting my children settled into the community for a couple of years. Once they were settled in, I began looking for the right fit professionally for me to re-enter the workforce. An opportunity opened with a local small business contractor and I started my government services career. Being from a military family and having owned my own company previously, the fit felt right. Over the years I supported several small contractors and embarked on starting my own in 2006. From 2006 to 2008, Five Stones Research Corporation (5SRC) was really just me consulting and building the foundation to grow upon. 5SRC received its first multi-year contract in 2008 and has grown to more than 250 employees today.

Tell us about Five Stones Research Corporation.

Five Stones Research Corporation (5SRC) is a Woman-Owned (WO), Native American (NA), Small Disadvantaged Business (SDB) headquartered in the Brownsboro, Alabama and has offices in the National Capital Region and the Florida panhandle. 5SRC is organized into three business areas: Engineering and Operations, Logistics, and Information Management. Our corporate mission is, “Our goal is to deliver highly effective and efficient solutions to our customers and industry partners.” In striving to achieve our goal, we are constantly reminded that who we are as professionals is just as important as what we deliver. When all is said and done, courage, honesty, integrity, trust and quality are the cornerstones we stand firm upon. This is more than a saying or tagline, it our way of conducting business and can be attributed to our success to date.

Q: How has the Chamber impacted your business?

The Chamber has been crucial in supporting and developing our business. The programs, training opportunities, networking, and community development offered by the Chamber is unmatched. I find the Chamber’s efforts in keeping its members abreast of growth and industry trends is critical for our planning and forecasting of opportunities.

Q: Why do you invest in HREGI?

HREGI is the key driver the Chamber uses for economic development. Investing in the Chamber’s economic development provides benefits to all companies in the Huntsville market. As the Huntsville area continues to grow, the result ends up being a stronger workforce with a more qualified and diverse pool of candidates for companies to hire.