HREGI Profile: INTERFUZE Corporation

Rose Allen

President, INTERFUZE Corporation

INTERFUZE was established in 2016 through the acquisition of two small businesses, each with unique expertise and over 30 years of exceptional past performance. Fueled by the acquisitions and an aggressive bidding strategy, INTERFUZE is meticulously engineered to deliver comprehensive, innovative solutions and exceptional performance to enable our clients’ critical missions. Our service offerings include engineering, science and integration, logistics, enterprise IT, environmental compliance and range infrastructure, and training. Headquartered in Huntsville, we have offices and operations across the country, in Southwest Asia and the Middle East. Our staff are leading subject matter experts in their fields. We are a collaborative, synergistic team of diverse and talented people who believe striving to give our best every day yields excellent results for our staff, our clients and INTERFUZE.

Q: What makes INTERFUZE stand out from your competitors?

When we established INTERFUZE, we defined ‘Engineering Human Achievement®’ as our purpose to provide unwavering clarity for us as we grew. We chose the word ‘Engineering’ deliberately as we wanted to express how we will apply our effort and resources to design, build, and enable our clients’ success and support our staff in reaching their full potential. Our strategic vision is to be the partner of choice for government services through a relentless pursuit of excellence in all that we do. We take the value of excellence to heart. Our clients and staff know they can count on us to bring our best each day. Our values are not just words on the company website and brochure. We want to be the kind of company where all our clients say, “I couldn’t accomplish my mission without the great people of INTERFUZE.” And, we want all our staff to say, ‘I love INTERFUZE, they support me in being the best me I can be’.”

Q: What value does INTERFUZE gain from your HREGI investment?

In a nutshell, it is HREGI, coupled with the vision, commitment, and determination of our elected officials and community leaders, that help make Huntsville and Madison County the economic powerhouse it is today. The synergistic effect of business growth and diversification, Redstone Arsenal expansion, workforce planning and development, as well as the amazing cultural and quality of life offerings, created the environment for INTERFUZE to grow and thrive. At INTERFUZE, we continue to benefit from the many programs and initiatives that our HREGI contribution enables, but we invest because we feel responsible for paying it forward and doing our part to ensure that Huntsville continues to be a “Best Place” to live, work, and grow for decades to come.