HREGI Profile: The AEgis Technologies Group

Steve Hill

President and CEO

Q: What would you like people to know about your business who might be new to the Huntsville area? What sets you apart from the rest of the pack?

At AEgis Technologies, we sincerely value and invest in our people to build Careers not jobs, we provide a beneficial work environment and flexibility that is family friendly, we pursue projects that truly make a difference and we love technical challenges. As such, our focus is on developing high technology solutions that solve our customers’ most challenging problems and ensure their success. We work hard at innovation, constantly striving to improve products, services, and training solutions by creatively implementing leading or bleeding edge technology and processes. Our team has made recent exceptional advances in Virtual Reality Simulation and Training, Gaming, Directed Energy, Satellite Communications and Big Data Interoperability, to name a few. From our deep roots in Modeling and Simulation, we utilize M&S technology to support weapon systems development and training solutions to ensure our war fighters come home safely. We also love our community and feel it’s both a responsibility and an honor to pay it forward through our employees being actively engaged in supporting many charitable organizations that are positively impacting lives right here in our own backyard.

Q. Why does AEgis Technologies support HREGI, the Huntsville Regional Economic Growth Initiative?

We have a civic responsibility to be involved in our community in a meaningful way. At AEgis, we really believe that “a rising tide raises all boats” and our HREGI investment is paying strong dividends to our community and to AEgis. The Chamber is doing an outstanding job utilizing their resources to lead the exceptional economic development in North Alabama in recent years. Chamber initiatives in workforce development, education and training; impacting government agendas and funding for our region; providing partnership and networking opportunities and supporting small business are all top notch and valuable to our company.

Q: Has being a member of the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber helped your company? If so, how?

Absolutely! Strong economic growth and impacting government agendas and funding has led directly to the growth of our company. Our community’s growth, additional jobs and tax base have allowed North Alabama leadership to invest in numerous enrichment projects truly making Huntsville/Madison/Madison County a great place to live and work. Our employees love the area, so retention is very high and the enhanced reputation of our community through national and international recognition has made recruiting top talent much easier than in the past – both of these factors are great for business! Workforce development is strengthening the available talent pool and support for small businesses has facilitated partnerships with government and larger industry partners.