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Davidson Technologies, Torch Technologies make significant donations to Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering Foundation

(June 6, 2019)

Davidson Technologies of Huntsville made a $250,000 donation to the Alabama School of Cyber and Engineering Foundation at the 2019 National Cyber Summit in Huntsville. Dr. Joe Green, President (on the right), challenged other companies to support the school, which will train students for future careers in cyber, engineering and other technology fields. (June 6, 2019/Claire Aiello)

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (June 6, 2019) – Davidson Technologies and Torch Technologies presented major gifts to the Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering Foundation on Thursday in a ceremony at the National Cyber Summit being held at the Von Braun Center. Davidson Technologies donated $250,000 to the school while Torch Technologies donated $100,000. The donations are intended to promote and advance the School, which opens in Huntsville in August 2020.

Senator Arthur Orr (Alabama Senate-3rd and President, Board of Trustees, Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering) and Alicia Ryan (CEO, LSINC and President, Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering Foundation) accepted the checks on behalf of the Foundation from Dr. Joe Green, President of Davidson Technologies and Jim Diehl, Chief of Staff, Torch Technologies.

“Davidson Technologies feels that this is a tremendous additional asset to our community,” said Dr. Green. “We totally support the effort and we encourage all the other businesses in Huntsville to do the same.”

Torch Technologies of Huntsville presented a $100,000 donation to the Alabama School of Cyber and Engineering Foundation. Jim Diehl, Senior Manager of Torch Technologies, hands the check to Alicia Ryan and State Senator Arthur Orr on behalf of Torch’s employee owners. (June 6, 2019/Claire Aiello)

Senator Orr commented that the companies donating the money are following an old saying of Coach Paul “Bear” Bryant to “make it happen.”

“I can envision families moving to north Alabama to have their children matriculate at this world class institution. There’s nothing else like it anywhere in the country,” said Senator Orr.

The independent residential magnet school will provide academically motivated 7th through 12th grade students with educational opportunities and experiences in the rapidly growing fields of cyber technology and engineering. The school will also assist a broad range of teachers, administrators, and superintendents across the State of Alabama in replicating cyber technology and engineering studies in their own schools.

Ms. Ryan shared that future announcements will be coming in the weeks ahead.

The Alabama School of Cyber Technology & Engineering Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, was established in January of 2018 to benefit the School. The foundation is intended to promote and connect the school with industry, academia and the government. It will serve the school to assist with funding for real property, equipment, and curriculum development as well as extra-curricular and margin of excellence programs.