Michael Dewitz

Executive Vice President, Engineering & Technical Services, PARSONS

PARSONS is a global company with over 14,000 employees and has been in business for over 75 years. Historically an infrastructure design engineering firm, over the last decade we have been deliberately building our defense business to diversify our offering to our clients through acquisitions including SPARTA, Secure Mission Solutions, Polaris Alpha, OGSystems, and QRC. We’ve transformed ourselves into a high-end provider of engineering services and solutions for the Department of Defense. With core competencies in systems engineering and cyber security with domain expertise in missile defense, space and C4ISR, we believe we have a lot to offer the Huntsville community.

Q: What makes PARSONS stand out from your competitors?

I think the primary discriminator is the diversity of our business. We have core competencies and depth of capability in so many different domains and markets ranging from cyber, space, missile defense, multi-domain command and control, electronic warfare, and infrastructure that we truly can bring PARSONS to bear on any client need.

Q: What are the new challenges that have come up in your industry?

Technically, the biggest challenge facing not only our industry but also our Nation is the hypersonic missile threat. We are at the forefront in partnership with our customers to develop solutions that address the threat. The second challenge is the labor market. We’re finding it more and more important to develop a holistic approach to attracting the best talent in a market where unemployment is so low that includes not only competitive benefits and compensa- tion, but also a work environment and culture that is attractive and separates us from our peers.

Q: What value does PARSONS gain from your HREGI investment?

HREGI has been a great partner for us. We are continuing to strengthen the PARSONS brand in Huntsville. PARSONS acquired SPARTA several years ago. SPARTA had been in Huntsville for over 30 years and had strong name recognition within the community. The PARSONS brand is strong with the Missile Defense Agency, Missile and Space Intelligence Center, and Army Corps of Engineers (our core customers), but we continue to strengthen it across the community. Between networking events, assistance with different marketing initiatives we have, and helping us further our business objectives, HREGI has been by our side.