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Jackie Reed, Candidate for Huntsville City Council District 4

Jackie Reed

The Huntsville/Madison County Chamber sent the following questions to candidates, to help you learn more about the people running in the August 28 Municipal Election. Here are the responses from Jackie Reed, candidate for City Council District 4:

Jackie Reed

Q: We all know there is a limited amount of money to meet a large variety of requests the City Council receives. If elected, how would you prioritize the requests for support that come before City Council for consideration?

A: Request work sessions and budget hearings on issues and discuss priorities needed for a better quality of life for the citizens of Huntsville.  For example, before voting on contract deals like the Big Picture $150,000.00 for consultant from out of town,  and $12,500.00 contract to study Golf Course deal.   We have intelligent people in Huntsville to better know the needs and plans for Huntsville.

Q: What would be your top priority if you are elected and how would you address it?

A: My top priority is traffic control and roads.  I would work with the City and State as to the needs for improvement today and for the future.

Q: One of our greatest strengths is that we have a “small town feel” with mid-size city amenities. Do you agree with that statement?  How would you approach your role as it relates to maintaining what is unique/special about Huntsville?

A: Yes, Huntsville is a Rocket City and unique.  Encourage collaboration with Community Leaders to save historical buildings, parks, etc.

Q: How do you feel the City of Huntsville and the Huntsville City School System should work together to ensure that our young people receive a quality education?

A: I would work hard for a closer relationship between the City Council and the Board of Education.  Children’s education is top priority and a key to our city’s future and success.

Q: What specific action or activity do you feel would most positively impact the attraction and retention of young professionals to our community?

A: Young Professionals are needed to support our growth and are a key to our future with leaders and professional citizens for better government and quality of life.  Collaboration with local leaders and local government to get involved in making decisions impacting their social and family life.

Q: What do you feel is our community’s greatest strength, and how do you propose we build on it?

A: “Strength is in the People”.  I propose to give the people a voice and hold the leaders accountable and responsible.

Q: What do you feel is our community’s greatest weakness, and what is your plan to address it?

A: The leaders are not bringing the issues forward to the public before a vote is taken and the public is informed on a short notice.   I will insure public is informed on government issues in District 4 and City wide.

Q: In your decision-making process, how would you balance the needs of working for your district with those of the City of Huntsville as a whole?

A: I will work with the Mayor and City Council Members to understand the needs of District 4 and City wide to make the best decision for all the citizens.