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Trent Iley, Candidate for Huntsville City Council District 3

Trent Iley

The Huntsville/Madison County Chamber sent the following questions to candidates, to help you learn more about the people running in the August 28 Municipal Election. Here are the responses from Trent Iley, candidate for City Council District 3:

Q: We all know there is a limited amount of money to meet a large variety of requests the City Council receives. If elected, how would you prioritize the requests for support that come before City Council for consideration?

A: We should prioritize requests based on needs of the city as a whole. Only effecting 1 part of the city should not take a priority of benefiting the whole city.

Q: What would be your top priority if you are elected and how would you address it?

A: My top priority would be to revitalize the parkway corridor whether on the north side or the south side. The Parkway corridor has been neglected for years while the focus has shifted to downtown and west Huntsville.

Q: One of our greatest strengths is that we have a “small town feel” with mid-size city amenities. Do you agree with that statement?

A: I don’t think we have a small town feel anymore. Most of my out of town companions don’t view Huntsville as a small town.

Q: How would you approach your role as it relates to maintaining what is unique/special about Huntsville?

A: I think our history needs to be preserved. Huntsville was an important area when the constitution was written and making people aware of these things is vital for a melting pot city such as Huntsville.

Q: How do you feel the City of Huntsville and the Huntsville City School System should work together to ensure that our young people receive a quality education?

A: I think both parties should seek to find unique funding methods to provide a top-quality education for our children. I would like to substitute teach in the classroom if I get elected to get a feel of some of the issues from inside the classroom and work with my school board representative to address any needs together.

Q: What specific action or activity do you feel would most positively impact the attraction and retention of young professionals to our community?

A: Increasing quality of life activities. Whether it be sports or recreational activities or adding more Wi-Fi hotspots to some of our greenspaces.

Q: What do you feel is our community’s greatest strength, and how do you propose we build on it?

A: Our beauty. Most people view Alabama as what they see in the movies (My Cousin Vinnie and Sweet home Alabama). Huntsville is new, growing, and beautiful from the Monte Sano and Green Mountain hilltops to the new modern architecture in the revitalization on downtown.

Q: What do you feel is our community’s greatest weakness, and what is your plan to address it?

A: Infrastructure. I feel that we develop land prior to having the proper infrastructure in place to handle more people in the area. When we sign off on a development deal we need to make sure that the development will come with proper infrastructure.

Q: In your decision-making process, how would you balance the needs of working for your district with those of the City of Huntsville as a whole?

A: I want to be transparent to the needs of my district. But as I said before the city works best together. If, in my constituents’ opinions, feel strongly enough about a stance I will vote with my constituents. After all I am a representative of the people of my district. The government is of the people for the people and by the people. Not the politician.