Voter Engagement Guide

Huntsville is now the largest city in Alabama. The latest Census numbers show we are home to 215,000 people, an increase of nearly 20% from the 2010 count.

Given this growth, the Huntsville/Madison County Chamber believes promoting engagement in the civic process at all levels of government is vital to the health and prosperity of our region. This Voter Engagement Guide includes important dates ahead of the upcoming General Election. Throughout 2022, we've shared information on various state, county, and municipal elections.

Our local business community has an essential role to play in advocating for increased civic engagement, and we ask you to share this information among your companies to encourage your team members to vote.

The Huntsville/Madison County Chamber is a nonpartisan organization that does not make candidate endorsements.



Register to Vote or Update your Registration
Whether it's your first time to vote or if you're new to Alabama, use this link to register to vote. If you've moved locally since the last time you voted, this is also where you update your address. You'll receive information by mail on your new precinct.

Check Your Voting Precinct
If you're already registered, you can confirm here where you vote. This will also tell you your districts for various legislative races.

Madison County Sample Ballot: FRONT and BACK
Check the sample ballot for Madison County. It's two-sided this time.
Not all of these races will appear on your ballot -- it depends on which district you live in.

Information on Constitutional and Statewide Amendments
You'll see several amendments on the ballot November 8. Read more about them here so you're prepared.

In-Depth 2022 Voter Guide
Here's a lot more information on elections in Alabama, provided by the Secretary of State's office.
This website contains lots of local voting information. It is managed by the Madison County Probate Judge's office.