Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Management - City of Huntville


The Huntsville City Council has provided continuous and strong support for the development of Cummings Research Park. As a result of visionary investment by the City of Huntsville, Cummings Research Park is clearly the heart of high-technology in the Huntsville area.

The growth of technology-based companies in CRP has become an economic engine for the entire region, positively impacting hundreds of companies and creating thousands of new jobs. The support of the Huntsville City Council has been critical to the success of CRP. 

Mayor Tommy Battle Mayor Tommy Battle

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Dr. Richard Showers, Sr. Devyn S. Keith
District 1
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Mark Russell, President Mark Russell
District 2

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Dr. Jennie Robinson Dr. Jennie Robinson
District 3

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Bill Kling Bill Kling
District 4

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Will Culver Will Culver, Council President
District 5

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